The Myths And Facts About Wisdom Tooth

wisdom tooth

If you are experiencing severe pain around the inner part of the jaw, eyes or head, then it is likely that your wisdom tooth is making way. There is no hard and fast rule that a wisdom tooth will appear at a certain age, in fact, some people do not have wisdom teeth at all. But, some people experience a lot of pain and discomfort if a wisdom tooth emerges. For those, who are experiencing severe wisdom tooth pain can go through this article. Taking care of your wisdom teeth is also a part of your dental hygiene. You may click here to know more about dental hygiene.

Sadly many people have lack of awareness about the wisdom teeth and related complications. Failing to address the problems of wisdom teeth pain can lead to severe problems later. You can find whether a wisdom tooth is going to emerge or not by identifying some signs.

Jaw pain that is close to the back of your mouth and if the pain is intense and radiates through eyes, ears, and throat. Swollen gums and cuts, these are the symptoms of wisdom tooth eruption.

The wisdom tooth can be problematic if it does not grow in proper order. This is the reason why the dentist recommends extracting the abnormally grown tooth. Now let us clear some of the misconceptions about wisdom teeth extraction.

Most people believe that all wisdom teeth should be extracted. This is not true as perfectly positioned and aligned teeth do not need any extraction. They are left to grow as it is and it will enhance the functionality of the mouth.

Not everyone with uneven wisdom teeth will experience pain. Some people will have more space at the back of the mouth, and they will hardly feel any pain during the formation of the wisdom tooth.

Improperly aligned wisdom teeth are prone to get affected by bacteria and microbes. Poorly aligned wisdom teeth are hard to reach by the toothbrush, and hence they are difficult to clean. Lack of hygiene can invite the bacteria and pathogens, thereby causing infection. Some of the signs of infection are swelling, redness, pain, and bad breath. You should immediately contact a dentist if you experienced any of the symptoms. Early detection of the symptoms will prevent complications in the future.

Impacted wisdom teeth can also impact the adjacent teeth significantly. The impact can be severe that you may have to remove multiple teeth, which can be very painful.

Unlike what majority thinks, all the wisdom teeth do not erupt at the same time. They may erupt in the gap of a year or more. Your sibling may have normally grown wisdom teeth, while you may not. People will have a different experience when it comes to the wisdom teeth. So, you should get clarified about your wisdom tooth from your dentist.

People are terrified to even think about the extraction of the wisdom teeth. The fact is that not all the extractions are painful. Some people will hardly experience pain or discomfort during the extraction, while some will feel severe discomfort.

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