Exercise Tips After Total Knee Replacement Surgery


Exercise is crucial post knee replacement to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Activities those were impossible and painful before surgery becomes more comfortable and straightforward post surgery. Surgeons reveal that many patients can resume normal activities within 12 weeks post surgery. Make sure to take the advice of the doctor if you want to restore physical activities or sports. To stay active, it is essential to strengthen your knee says sports medicine doctor pembroke pines fl. Click Here for trends in knee replacement surgery and exercise tips. Some of the low impact exercises and sports activities to be followed post recovery from surgery are listed below:

Activity guidelines
After knee surgery, a patient will be excited to move around without pain, but they will continuously be cautious not to damage their new joint. Over the past decade, knee surgery has tremendously improved, artificial replacements come close to the natural knee joint. There is a need for regular exercise to resume normal functions of the knee. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) recommend around 30 minutes of exercise three times a day for quick recovery. To this add walking every day. Based on your daily requirement and health condition the doctor will recommend activities. In most cases low impact exercises are preferred as high impact exercise can lead to stress to the knees.

Some of the exercises recommended include:
Walking is the best exercise as it can build the strength in your knees. It helps to burn down the calories and can help your heart; It is best to start with shorter walks and then gradually increase to long distances. It is also essential to keep track of how long you walk to monitor your progress.

Running can be high impact, and AAOS does not give advice either running or jogging post knee replacement surgery,
Swimming is a low weight activity and is the right way to put your knees to work without stressing too much. Most of them can resume swimming within six weeks post surgery. It is advised to check with your doctor before starting swimming.

Dancing is an ecstatic exercise and is gentle on the knees. It is the right way to relax your leg muscles and can also work as an aerobic activity. But ensure you do not twist or providing sudden movements as it can throw your knee alignment in disarray.

Cycling is also advised post surgery as it helps to regain strength. While cycling ensures you use the right bicycle and always cycle on a flat surface. Start with a short distance and then gradually increase the distance.

Elliptical machines are ideal for workouts without any stress on the knees. It gives a circular movement to your knees. It is an alternative to running and can ensure faster movement without any high impact.

Flexibility training is suitable for avoiding stiffness, and it can also improve flexibility. Moreover, it is ideal to improve the overall functions of the knees. While doing flexibility training like yoga, it is important to avoid twisting and turning movements. It can help to keep your knees in alignment with your ankles and hips.

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